Starting the year of right!

The approach to becoming healthy in 2017 can be overwhelming. Through the dim lit path, most people see the end goal of a six-pack, life longevity, or fitting into that one pair of jeans. However, in order to accomplish what us in the fitness industry call long-term goals, one must start small. Understand the little objectives that can be accomplished over and over again to reach that bigger picture of success. The journey may feel somewhat tedious, but figuring out what motivates you can make that journey to a healthy lifestyle that much easier. Motivation can come from anywhere. It may be kids, loved ones, friends, or being able to balance drinking that favorite milkshake with the numbers on the scale. Whatever that motivation is, it must be remembered in order to persevere. Once that motivation is clear, a small realistic goal can be created. Just a few examples could be the following:

Physical Activity 3 times/week. The #1 quote that will be used in the beginning of 2017-drum roll please… “I hate the gym.” It will be overcrowded, organized chaos, and somewhat intimidating. This can all be avoided by thinking outside the box. Gardening, cleaning the house, walking the dog, and even washing the car are all considered physical activity. 30 minutes + physical activity=lower blood pressure, better cholesterol, stronger immune system, and so much more. It doesn’t take much, but it does take effort.

Take 10. “Stop and smell the roses.” Personally, I’m not big on flowers, but I get it. A typical stressful day consist of work, family, friends, food, bills, and of course traffic. However from a mental health state, finding time to stop, breathe, and focus on the positive aspects of life for just 10 minutes, can help day-to-day routines become more doable.

More Water. No you don’t have to eliminate your favorite flavor of coke. However, creating a healthy lifestyle is about balance. The body is primarily made up of water, and even though a soda sounds good at the time, a refreshing glass of H20 can improve energy, sleeping habits, and fights against sweet cravings.


These goals are just examples not expectations. The healthy lifestyle journey that is created must be molded to your lifestyle, your environment, and your possible resources. In order to be successful with the goals that are set, one word must be accepted. Failure. There will be parties with a buffet of delights, weekends of binge watching, and days where life is just, well, blah. Don’t worry about how many days laziness became the forefront of daily living. Accept that it was a mishap and focus on getting back on track and creating consistency. On average it takes a little over 2 months to generate a new habit. In those two months there will be struggle AND failure, but if you keep going and remember what motivates you, the sky is the limit.

So let’s keep it simple for a healthy 2017. Find your motivation. Set your goal. Be patient on your journey. Do these three things and 2017 will be become a memorable year.


Marcus McAlpin